SmartCRUTCHTM is often referred to as the “World’s most comfortable crutch.”

Smart Crutch Mobility Pty Ltd is the direct importer of SmartCRUTCHTM for the medical equipment market within Australia and New Zealand.


We provide direct access to this product for distributors, retailers and product end users through our online shopping platform. As well, we provide a customer service information line for those wanting to make enquiries and discuss any aspect of the product, SmartCRUTCHTM.

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SmartCRUTCHTM  is often referred to as the “World’s most comfortable crutch.”

This patented modular design crutch distributes the users body weight over the length of their forearm, releasing pressure and pain from the hands and wrists using a unique and comfortable cuff design.

This cuff, moulded from Virgin Nylon PA6 Polymide, is just the beginning of its superior design to other crutches, used in recovery from injury or for more permanent users. SmartCRUTCHTM is the pain free alternative.

SmartCRUTCHTM is recognised through the Australian TGA and is suitable for long and short term mobility assistance.

Our Smart Crutch Mobility distribution warehouse is located in Bathurst NSW.

We stock the full range of SmartCRUTCHTM products ready for delivery to all areas of Australia and New Zealand.

We can also advise shopfront opportunities where interested people may inspect, trial  and purchase direct from our distributors across Australia.

We at Smart Crutch Mobility are committed to improving crutch mobility comfort for users with the unique range of smart and affordable SmartCRUTCHTM

Our company has a desire to see the conventional crutch put aside by users as they see pain is not a necessary part of mobility any longer.

We are available to discuss the use of the SmartCRUTCHTM Crutch and welcome distributor enquiry as well as enquiry from any person with requirements for comfortable mobility, short or long term.

Why was the SmartCRUTCHTM created and by whom?

SmartCRUTCHTM was created by Colin Albertyn of Cape Town South Africa.

Colin is the brother of 3x World Motocross Champion and 1x U.S. National Motocross Champion, Greg Albertyn. Colin is also a professional athlete and involved in the Motocross industry.

Colin’s invention originated from a ruptured Achilles tendon, which required him to use conventional crutches during his recovery which led to him experiencing extreme pain from the pressure points  created when placing non weight bearing pressure through his hands, arms and underarms.

He recognised this was a universal problem for all users of conventional crutches and that recovery from injury and/ or ongoing need for the support of crutches should not involve further injury to the patient. Standard crutches whilst providing the necessary support require huge amounts of weight to be carried through the wrist and underarm leading to long term damage and huge discomfort to the user.

The SmartCRUTCHTM unique design places NO PRESSURE on WRISTS OR UNDERARM area and fully supports its user for NON WEIGHT bearing mobility and / or WEIGHT BEARING balance assistance.

Where is Smart Crutch Manufactured?

SmartCRUTCHTM has until recently been manufactured in South Africa and was offered in 13 different colours but as at 2019 new stock is now  manufactured in Taiwan  to strict quality guidelines.

What colours are available ?

Now only manufactured in the following colours.

SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE are offered in: Black, Blue, Red, Grey, Purple & Pink

XTRA SMALL is offered in: Black, Blue, Red, Purple & Pink

Please note: There is still some limited availability for colours in the previous range manufactured in South Africa.
Size PETITE: Yellow Orange Green Brown & Zebra White
Size STANDARD: Orange Green